First Time Ever in Southeast Asia

The wildly successful exhibition that has swept through the USA and Europe since 2017
Rated as one of the 12 best immersive experiences by CNN and having seen over 5,000,000 visitors since 2017, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience has finally landed in Singapore, with over 28,000 sqft of digital projections, anamorphic visuals and more!
A truly immersive exploratory journey through Vincent Van Gogh's art and life
Experience life in Arles for a day
Ranked as one of the top 12 best immersive experiences by CNN
Unique to H&B: Singapore Exclusive Content
Debut in Singapore: Japonisme Immersive Display
Singapore Highlights
- Debut in Singapore: Japonisme Digital Immersive Display
- Matcha Tea Demonstrations
- Fringe Programming
- Café Terrace (in collaboration with Chef Janice Wong)
- Castlery Theatre

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