Virtual Reality

When reality just doesn’t cut it, we turn to Virtual Reality. Ever thought of excavating Pompeii or going through the insides of a gearbox? With Garamantis’ Virtual Reality technology, think no more and begin exploring! Build an entire world around any desired subject matter for your target group to dive into. This all sounds too good to be true so we have to admit that Garamantis’ VR has a few snags of its own: people never wish to resurface to the real world! So brace yourselves for long waiting lines and possible reports of addiction amongst users…

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  • Advice and conception: The way to a successful VR experience runs through our concept for the project, which we tailor exactly to your individual business – based on years of experience.
  • High-detail 3D environment: In order for the experience to become realistic and filled with details to discover, we design a full three-dimensional environment. The most efficient way to ensure a project’s success lies in an intelligent mixture of pre-existing content, the purchase of ready-made models, and the individual design of specific models.
  • Intuitive control: The user’s interaction in and with the virtual environment is intuitive and immediately fun. The design of user experience and performance feedback equals that of a good PC game.
  • Custom-made software development: We merge your brand and products with an interactive experience and design virtual environment and user experience 100% in compliance with your corporate identity.
  • High-quality VR station: Your customers benefit from the latest wireless VR headsets that allow free movement and smooth interaction.

Software development

Agile development in Unity 3D
Use of finished modules and assets
Modular expandability

Hardware and service

VR glasses and other hardware
VR stations especially for trade fairs (external screens, charging options, etc.)
Possible technologies e.g. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR etc.
Construction and testing of the VR stations
Support by technical staff
Support by phone, mail and remote access