Multi-Touch Wall

In the world with Garamantis’ multi-touch wall, it will take more than large flat screens and near-professional home entertainment to raise an eyebrow. Settle for nothing less than your entire wall and be sure to capture the attention of all. With people sensors, gesture control, and ToF camera, you can pilot an aircraft or take a good look at Earth from outer space. Zoom, spin, and alter the solar system with a simple click of a button. Sure, you may not find these features in your home, but you will find them at your company’s lobby or at your next exhibition soon enough!

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  • Outstanding long-range effect: videos and animations during idle mode with high contrast and great luminosity
  • Genuine multi-user experience: several people at once interact with the wall – thanks to professional multi-touch software.
  • Maximum flexibility of content: product videos, 3D models, interactive globe, story-based presentation and many more can be updated via CMS.
  • Unique possibilities of interaction: people sensor (triggers an animation when a person passes by), TOF camera (content visible on the wall changes according to the movements of people standing in front of the wall), gesture control (control via gestures in front of the wall) , multi-touch (precise touch-recognition from several simultaneous users)
  • Business-class hardware: high native resolution, near-frameless screens, high‑quality monitors for 24/7 operation, anti-glare tempered glass
  • Maximum flexibility: any configuration is possible – from one single large screen up to an entire monitor wall of any desired size.
  • Minimal effort for operation and maintenance: web-based CMS for management, control and update of multi-touch software, control of up to 16 individual screens with just one PC
  • Options for integration and combination with extra modules: product recognition, control via multi-touch table or tablet PC, control of lighting and sound system etc.


We configure the multi-touch display wall according to your desired surface area and mounting


Square, portrait format or widescreen


Full-HD or Ultra HD monitors, we always fully exploit the native resolution for your content