Multi-Touch Table

At Garamantis’ multi-touch table, you can now recognise not only the signs of the times, but people and objects too. Bring dinosaurs back to life at the flip of a hand or stick a real post-it to a twitter pinboard! Together, let us rethink the impossible and build an experiential world around your product, company, and brand  – conception, hardware, and software included. Adapt the table’s design to your needs and imagination and your customers, visitors, and guests will not be able to keep their hands off it!

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  • Ultra HD touch screen: Thanks to 4K resolution (4 times as much as Full HD), all content appears in razor-sharp detail. The touch sensor by 3M recognizes 80 parallel touch inputs and is armed for every application.
  • High-end PC: The integrated PC has a particularly high performance and features a dedicated graphics card for the perfect 3D multi-touch experience.
  • Object recognition: By means of its built-in cameras, the table recognizes objects like print flyers, business cards, or products. It also detects capacitive markers and RFID-tags on its surface with the highest precision.
  • People sensor: The table registers people in its surroundings and proactively attracts their attention. It recognizes the exact position of every user and orients applications and content accordingly.
  • LED lighting: The freely programmable LED lighting is an eye-catcher and lets the table shine forth in your corporate colors.

Design options

solid monolithic MDF-corpus (painted in your desired color) mobile metallic corpus (powder-coated in your desired color) custom-made corpus (e.g. Corian, or integration into your trade fair booth, etc.)

Technical options touch screen

43″ Ultra HD multi-touch screen (1,080 mm diagonal) 55″ Ultra HD multi-touch screen (1,388 mm diagonal) 65″ Ultra HD multi-touch screen (1,640 mm diagonal)

Technical options PC

Intel Core i5-9300H, NVidia GTX2060, 6GB graphics, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD Intel Core i7-9750H, NVidia GTX2070, 8GB graphics, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD Intel Core i7-7700T, NVidia Quadro P3000, 6GB graphics, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD