Interactive Projection

A plain wall is a canvas for tons of creative and inspiring ideas. Ranging from an interactive ping pong match to a pitch for your new business, Garamantis has got you covered! Together, explore countless possibilities with a symbiosis of analog and digital storytelling in 2D, 3D and your corporate design. Engage your guests with opportunities to get creative, unleashing everyone’s inner Bob Ross and breathing life into any content with a touch!

02 interactive projection
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  • Eye-catcher and surprise effect: amaze your visitors with walls that seem to radiate and react to the touch.
  • Projection mapping technology: the projection’s 2D and 3D mapping visualizes your content dynamically and pixel-perfect – with a long-range effect.
  • Individualized content: for a perfect storytelling we harmonize all content (videos, images, animations, texts etc.) and the control of the wall with your corporate identity.
  • Flexible setup: width of several meters possible, vertical or horizontal


Full-HD (1,920 x 1,080 px), Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160 px), individual resolutions

Projection surface

ca. 2 m width and 1 m height, combination of any desired number of projectors possible