Singapore’s Inaugural Virtual Fashion Show

Lamborghini: Fashion Odyssey

The Lamborghini 2021: Fashion Odyssey was a collaboration between Automobili Lamborghini and Harpers Bazaar, in a continuation of the long standing relationship between the two brands. Together with Lai Chan, the original concept was to showcase the original designs inspired by Lamborghini cars in a physical catwalk fashion show. Due to the pandemic, this idea was then pivoted towards a virtual show, where there would be a physical runway built for the models to walk on, and the entire event to be livestreamed. In order to create a unique fashion show that would best showcase the Lamborghini-inspired designs created by veteran designer Lai Chan, Hustle & Bustle created a strategy that revolved around the utilisation of XR technology. Being the first to market in Singapore, the XR technology combines AR and LED screens together into a unique experience. Gilded gravity-defying pagodas made way to space-agey gardens that look right at home on the USS Enterprise. Animated Tron-like tunnels led to stylised cityscapes that were outlined against expansive, star-filled skies.

The fashion show was held at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre, over 2 days. Through the use of creative camera angles and powerful graphics, the modest sized stage of 3m by 8m by 2.5m was surrounded by digital LED screens that brought the viewer into a uniquely immersive experience, breaking the barriers of physical and virtual. This was a cost efficient way of executing the fashion show but yet creating an explosive visual fit for the designs that were showcased. Decked in hexagonal and ‘Y’ light fixtures, the virtual fashion show featured models walking down a virtual runway. The models were seen exploring and interacting with a surrealistic environment that reconfigured and morphed with their every move, as guests were guided through an East-meets-West optical narrative punctuated with Chinese design motifs and Lamborghini’s signature hexagon pattern.

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