Prestigious Automotive SHOW

Fullerton Concours D’elegance

Dubbed as Southeast Asia’s first-ever prestigious automotive event, this three-day celebration marked the 90th Anniversary of The Fullerton Building, and was the first classic car exhibition to be held at The Fullerton Heritage precinct, showcasing over 90 vintage, classic and super cars from around the world. Festivities included gala dinners, live music performances, art and cultural exhibitions, fun family workshops, luxury yacht displays, and charity car convoys, ‘offering visitors a diverse range of activities and experiences that embodied the building’s rich heritage and showcasing the brand’s passion for luxury hospitality and lifestyle’.
This paramount event was also the first exhibition of the private collection of vintage and luxury cars owned by His Majesty, Sultan of Johor. The white Landaulet was the limousine of choice when he was crowned in 2015. The event was set to draw in over 30,000 local and international visitors.

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