Hybrid Hackathon Competition

NCS Innolympics

The inaugural NCS Innolympics 2021 was planned as an annual four-level tournament, and open to aspiring and leading innovators across Asia. The event commenced on 1 March 2021, with the Finale demo day taking place on 27 March 2021. The key objectives was to brand NCS as a leader in digital transformation and innovation, while creating an engaging talent acquisition funnel for NCS. Hustle & Bustle partnered NCS to develop, build and promote an event that would challenge people to demonstrate contemporary skill and collaborative intent by working together, in a way that would excite them about working for NCS. The event stemmed from the idea of a virtual “escape room” where designers, developers, data engineers and scrum masters were to work together to unlock the grand prize of $20,000. In a short span of 3 weeks, the event promotion reached 300,000 impressions with a high total engagement rate of 20% across offline and online platforms. 626 participants signed up, 331 participants advanced to Level 2, 155 participants advanced to Level 3 and 26 participants formed the final 5 competing teams for the grand prize. The high retention rate of the NCS Innolympics was a significant indicator of interest and success in generating brand recall for NCS.

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