Hybrid Awards Ceremony

NCS Heroes Day

The NCS Heroes Day was the first awards ceremony organised by NCS to appreciate and recognise their people, in line with the recent launch of their refreshed brand and new NCS purpose and beliefs. With the ongoing COVID-19 capacity limitation on physical gatherings during that time, NCS worked with Hustle & Bustle to create a hybrid event that was to engage NCS employees locally and overseas. While only less than 50 key attendees were present at the physical award ceremony, not only every employee in Singapore but also those from the regional offices in China, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, Brunei, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka joined in the celebrations. Hustle & Bustle was involved in the implementation of the pre-event voting website for employees, to the design of their very own NCS Heroes award trophy. Invited attendees of the physical award ceremony received a customised invitation kit, which included a mini champagne bottle and an ART test kit to facilitate pre-event testing. Even while having to keep apart due to social and geographical distance, the NCS Heroes Day received much appreciation from employees, as it was a much-anticipated opportunity to hear from their senior leadership and to catch up with fellow colleagues. The hybrid event also paved the way for future people engagement activities in connecting with their regional offices and partners.

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