Eco-conscious MOVEMENT

Common GrounD X Swapaholics

Swapaholic is a movement against the linear and fast fashion industry, which encourages its members and followers to declutter their closets and wardrobes, and instead of shopping, refresh them with unique finds via ‘swapping’ through quality-controlled, curated fashion selections. The Common Ground, Hustle & Bustle’s coworking space, was the venue sponsor for The Green Friday Swap 2019 (a reference to Black Friday), and aided in marketing and setting up the display of stunning clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and accessories, and attractive items from fashion influencers like Shermaine Khoo, Rachel Kelly Chloe, Kimberley Yong, and Yashora. The event also featured green and chic brands such as Qlothè sustainable designwear, ethically made Sunday Bedding, Our Bralette Club body-positive lingerie, and 100% natural WANT Skincare. Across the swapping venue, Trust Yoga SG held special community yoga sessions and master classes at our other partner space, Terra x TCG.

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