Asia’s First TikTok Digital Exhibition

TikTok: The Stage

Hustle & Bustle TikTok Southeast Asia worked with Hustle & Bustle to launch TikTok: The Stage, which was TikTok For Business’s inaugural virtual conference and exhibition in Southeast Asia. As part of a two-day worldwide event together with TikTok World, The Stage contextualised the product announcements from TikTok World, where TikTok showcased their ad products, partner solutions and 2022 product vision. Shining a light on Southeast Asia, TikTok World, The Stage shared insights and opportunities in the region, highlighted the shifts in consumer behaviour, and showcased best practices, creators, and case studies from across the region.

Hustle & Bustle was involved in the design to execution of the website, live-stream platform and digital marketing campaign. On top of conceptualising creative ways to engage TikTok’s invitees that also included C-suite clients, Hustle & Bustle also represented TikTok in pursuing strategic opportunities with regional trade and media partners for future collaborations.

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