Omnia Lifestyles’ Exclusive Luncheon With David Yarrow


Hustle & Bustle is delighted to have been a part of Omnia Lifestyles’ inaugural event 一 an exclusive luncheon with famed fine arts photographer and conservationist David Yarrow held at Miaja Gallery.

Invited guests consisted of partners and friends of Omnia Lifestyles who were brought through a delectable meal as well as an experiential journey in learning more about David Yarrow and his photographs as they heard from and engaged with David himself.

David shared stories of his time spent in remote places capturing photographs of the beautiful wildlife and gave an insider view of his journey as a photographer as he spoke of his passions and the inspiration behind his photographs.

The intimate setting of the luncheon provided the perfect atmosphere for fantastic conversations about wildlife and photography between David and Omnia’s guests. Guests had a close-up experience with David’s works and even held conversations with the man himself. There was definitely much chatter and laughter in the gallery room.

The afternoon began with a cocktail reception that featured an exclusive preview of David Yarrow’s latest exhibition ‘It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere’, showcasing limited edition prints from the photographer’s recent endeavour in Montana. Not to mention, the iconic ‘Cara Cigar’ with Cara Delevingne that was on display as well.

Ending on a high note, the guests left with their stomachs filled with good food, great memories and new friendships, as well as a new appreciation for wildlife photography to take home with them.