The Hustle Behind All Bustling Events

Why We Love Organizing Events

Hustle & Bustle has been in the events management scene for more than two years now, and it has definitely not been an easy ride. Behind the glitz and glamour of our events lie countless hours of being hunched over our desks, doing almost anything it takes to make our events a resounding success.

With time, we have come to discover the adrenaline and zeal behind creating such experiences, and we most certainly want more!

Our mission is to break barriers continually - not to reproduce what other events have done before, but to always reinvent, create and outdo ourselves. We aim to come up with fresh experiences tailored to the likes of our clients which engage their guests in a memorable manner.

We started this blog to share about our daily hustle, the nitty gritty of planning events and just why we love it!

Off the top of our heads, here are some reasons why we hustle every day:

1)   We Get to Tell Stories

Events aren’t just about mashing a bunch of activities together and waiting for something to happen. Everything is planned and intentional. From start to end, the guests go through a journey and play a part in the story being told.

Our job is to tell that story. We curate their experience for them, decide how they enter and how they leave, what they see and how they feel. We choose how the story is told.

2)   The Endless Possibilities

Being an event coordinator requires you to be a creative in every way, and you can make anything happen! Considering that you plan your budget well of course. Like a blank canvas, designing an event allows you to try new things and turn even your wildest ideas into a reality.

3)   The Post Event Glow

It feels amazing to be able to dwell in the satisfaction of a job well done, knowing that you have given your all to create this successful event. To work in events is to create life by bringing people together, and seeing them enjoy what your hard work has come up with is like a nice firm pat on the back saying well done!