Add an interactive touch to your event with Garamantis’ multi‑touch tables, Virtual Reality, interactive display cases and many more. Keep your eyes open as complex subject matters are transformed into simple and interactive content in a blink of an eye! With custom-made technological innovations and high-quality design, there’s always the same outcome: visitors, investors, clients, and staff with their mouth agape and left wanting more.

Social Media Table

From Post-it to Posting? Yes, We Scan!

LED Display Technologies

Deliver seamless images, scalability to any size and shape with unrivaled illustrations.

Interactive Projection

If Walls Could Tell Stories … Make them Entertaining and Interactive, Please.

Multi-Touch Table

Not Only Recognizes the Sign of the Times, but People and Objects Too!

Multi-Touch Wall

For Those Who Think Bigger.

Interactive Display Case

A Classic Case of Putting Yourself on Display – If It Weren’t for the Multi-Touch, Audio and LED Features.

Virtual Reality

When Reality Just Won’t Do.

Multi-Touch Revolving Monitor

Why the Whole World from Now on Revolves Around Your Content.