The show must go on, but how?

22 April 2020

The rapidly changing landscape has encouraged us to adapt and innovate as event cancellations, enforced social distancing, and home-based work arrangements become the norm. Virtual events and live-streaming seem like the most viable way forward but planning an engaging virtual event presents a new set of challenges. طريقة لعب البوكر

Here are some ways to make your next virtual event a success:

1. Keep the viewers engaged

Give your virtual audience a new activity every 7 minutes, be it an interesting problem to solve, an interactive Q&A, a poll, an energizing physical activity, or even an inquisitive prompt as food-for-thought.

2. Keep the audience connected

To avoid the risk of turning your virtual networking event into another TED Talk, pair your audience up for a quick mingling session before rotating them. Audiences who are interested can also choose to follow up and take their conversation further in an online chat room or over email.

3. Keep it moving

This may sound odd but you should present your content in a lot of slides. Your mission is to keep the audience focused on yours and not on their side window tabs. In the virtual world, that means having bits of information on each slide and moving through them quickly to keep their eyes on the ball.

Virtual events in action:

Global Citizen and the World Health Organisation recently held One World: Together At Home to show support to the frontline healthcare workers. The event was broadcasted globally on television and various digital platforms, raising almost $128 million.

With a mission of bringing galleries closer to the global audience, Artland built an app that allowed users to explore art galleries in the comforts of their own home through an interactive 3D virtual experience.

Timbre Group, Audio-Technica (S.E.A.), and Ebenex Music have been hosting virtual music jams on Facebook and Youtube to #KeepMusicAlive. Viewers can satisfy their cravings with their favourite menu from Timbre while jamming to their top hits.

Zouk teamed up with live-streaming platform Bigo Live and global gaming company Razer to present Cloud Clubbing, a virtual clubbing experience. Streamed on Razer’s Bigo Live channel, viewers enjoyed a night of fun at home as DJs spin live from Zouk.

Make your virtual event happen:

With Zoom, you may have just scratched the surface of the world of virtual events. Here is a list of various streaming platforms and supporting services for you to explore as you plan your next virtual event! 

Create effective content discovery and successful business matching at your virtual event with Jublia’s smart AI recommendations platform. Its data-driven approach and undisputed experience form your leverage in creating amazing experiences.

Pigeonhole Live is the audience interaction tool you need for effective communication in any context. Be it conferences or workshops, increase engagement and encourage collaboration with tools embedded seamlessly into your webinar platforms. العاب حقيقيه

Bring your brand experience to the homes of your attendees with vFairs‘ highly interactive, fully customisable, and mobile-friendly platform. Attendees get to navigate around the virtual venue, visiting booths and interacting with others through video or chat.

Tap onto Brightcove’s powerful video platform and leading technologies to deliver the best video experience to your audience. From fine tuning integrations to getting up and running, its dedicated service team has got you covered. العب واربح المال

We remain committed to creating memorable brand experiences during this unprecedented time and are proficient to move together in this rapidly changing landscape. Connect and engage audiences from anywhere in the world with Virtual Events, our holistic toolkit featuring solutions in webcasting, live graphic recording, smart networking, live Q&A, and many more.

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