Steve McCurry Flies to Singapore for the Leica SL2 Launch

20 November 2019

One of the ‘world’s best living photographers’, Steve McCurry is famous for his National Geographic cover of the ‘Afghan Girl’ with the piercing green eyes. And for his latest photography exhibition “China”, he decided to take his photographs with the Leica SL2 by Leica Camera Ltd.

McCurry has said of using the SL2, “I transitioned about 15 years ago from film to digital, and now to transition to mirrorless cameras, because I think that’s the future… I actually have tested the SL with other cameras, and to me there was no comparison, the quality is unparalleled. طاولة It’s unbelievable. I don’t think there are better lens in the world. اسماء فريق البايرن [As for] the camera usability- After a few days of use, the feeling with the SL2 was exceptional.”

During the Leica SL2 Launch at 28 Wilkie here in Singapore, this Leica Hall of Fame Awardee attended as the Guest Of Honour, and spoke to the media and event attendees of his travels and experience with the SL2 as one of its very first testers. As a young and dynamic events agency, we invite all our “hustling” supporters and event participants to follow our social media accounts to stay updated on such events and product launches, and the next celebrity guest that we may have popping by! إنشاء حساب payeer

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