Welcome to a new and captivating eventscape wonderland you needed but had not known existed until now. We turn the fantastical into something visceral and memorable for you and your brand.

We have established our reputation as an integrated and dynamic brand experience agency that champions ground-breaking ‘firsts’ – unthought-of concepts designed to delight and astound.

We get things done, with the right amount of ambition and sense of responsibility.

From the intimate to the extravagant, from youthful fun to elegant sophistication, we know how to engrave emotions and memories by being daring and innovative.

We will be both your guide and porter.

Navigate through the maze of details and pain points of creating memorable experiences as we listen and adjust to your brand’s needs.

We’ve got you covered.

Think of us as your one-stop-shop, with a complete suite of solutions encompassing everything from branding and marketing to digital/technology solutions and fabrication.

We’ve got a high-octane team.

We enjoy the challenge, and they don’t call us ‘hustlers’ for nothing.

Hustle & Bustle Group of Companies

The Common Ground

Set in one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates, The Common Ground harnesses the power of the community through its shared spaces for the visionary, creative and holistic. With its versatile space and distinctive aesthetic, The Common Ground offers co-working, events, co-storage and fitness facilities to bring the beauty of tranquillity and accessibility to you and your community.

Omnia Lifestyles

Omnia Lifestyles redefines corporate concierge by effortlessly bridging the gap and presenting a tangible element as Asia’s premier luxury solutions provider. Offering services in concierge, programme management, digital solutions, data analytics, and more, Omnia Lifestyles works closely to strategize your brand experience roadmap to build long-lasting relationships between you and your customers.

Awards & Honors